Personal Branding Photography

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Personal Branding Photography

What is Personal Branding Photography? Isn’t it just a headshot?! NO!

Headshots belong on your passport. They simply show your face. Thats all.

Personal branding is more than just a headshot. Personal branding shoots are designed to go beyond simply capturing your face and is more about capturing the essence of who you really are. Theres one simple fact that stage and screen performers and models have known this for years and the rest of us are starting to catch on. If you can convey your personality through a single simple image, you are much more likely to get noticed. This is exactly how I approach my personal branding shoots. I try to capture my clients personality in the image, not just their face.

But this isn’t a service thats valuable only for the rich and famous. I have worked with a number of actors, musicians and models but more and more I’m working with corporate professionals looking for an edge. And it really works. My clients have reported being approached with more roles, with better roles, more often by simply updating their personal brand on LinkedIn.

Heres some examples of my work.

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